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Satellite Clubs

"By 2017, every secondary school and college site in England will have been offered a satellite community sports club on its site. Each club will have a direct link to one or more NGBs, depending on its area."

A Satellite Club should be an extension of an existing community sports club. The clubs should take place at a new venue usually a secondary school or college site and specifically aimed at 14-25 year olds, however where necessary and appropriate, the venue can be elsewhere.

The club should be linked to a community sport club and the coaches and volunteers will work in partnership with the satellite host venue, to create a new community sports club.

A Satellite Club is the perfect way for a community club to extend its reach to new audiences or areas of the community. This could be used as a stepping stone from the Satellite Club to the community club, the community club offering a variation of their sport at a new venue, an outpost to relieve the club of reaching capacity or as a starting point for a new club to be generated.


The Satellite Club should mirror the season of its sport and run for at least 20 weeks of the year. However if a club is wanting to run a club out of season a discussion can be had to establish a reason and benefit to run it in a particular way.

The Satellite Clubs programme wants to sustain these clubs, therefore we expect to see that thought has been given to how the club can continue following the funding received so that we see the existence of the club in years to come.


Community clubs can apply for what they believe is the right investment to set up and deliver their club and the onus is on the club to justify the requested amount.


You can apply for a Satellite Club by completing the application form available here.

Following the application form being received Active Humber will facilitate a joint meeting between relevant parties and a simple delivery plan will be created and agreed.

We advise any organisation applying for Satellite Cub or Sportivate funding to read the 'Under the Skin' document prior to applying for funding to enable them to provide us with information on the personality type(s) they are hoping to provide activity for.To find this:

Please refer to our Youth Insight information before making your application

Unmissable Coaching

Coaches are critical to the success of any youth sports session. In order to help create unmissable coaching sessions, sports coach UK and Sport England, have created guide for coaches to generate ideas for their sessions.

'What makes your session UNMISSABLE for young people' draws on recent research and contains fun ideas and tips for coaches.

Young people are not all the same and want experiences that are tailored to them – coaches need to understand their motivations, their likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams if they are to offer an experience young people want to return to.

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