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Ways To Encourage Take Up

There's a growing bank of evidence about the most effective ways to motivate and support people to take up sport. To get more people playing sport, we need to uncover the barriers to taking part – and that means understanding people's wider lifestyles and motivations.

Key influences

Sport England has studied which factors have the most influence on the variations in sport take-up between different areas.

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Participant profiles

Our sport market segmentation tool considers people's lives as a whole. It is a powerful way of exploring the web of motivations and barriers among key population groups, and applying them at local level.

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Sport satisfaction levels

Satisfaction levels among people taking part in 46 different sports have been gathered annually for four years.

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  • Pass On Your Passion

    Pass On Your Passion

    Do you have a coach that you would like to thank for their hard work?

  • Activating Confidence

    Activating Confidence

    Activating Confidence is a FREE programme designed to Support people Aged 19+
    to increase their confidence and self-esteem. Find our more

  • Tour De Yorkshire Education Pack

    Tour De Yorkshire Education Pack

    The pack is designed for teachers, community groups and parents of children aged between 7-14, and I'd like to thank Nathan Atkinson, Headteacher at Richmond Hill Primary School in Leeds for his hard work in developing it.

  • Active Humber Volunteer Survey

    Active Humber Volunteer Survey

    We value all volunteers and would love to know what you think. If you volunteer for a local sports club we have designed a survey to help us understand your need better. 

  • Courses For All

    Courses For All

    The courses for all programme is our bi-annual sports, health and physical activity related coach development programme. Find out more

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Jasmine Russell's Story

Jasmine Russell's Story

Mon, 26 Jun 2017 10:40

How and why did you first become involved in your sport or activity? What has kept you involved?

I got into badminton about 6 years ago when Paul Pratt came into... Read More »

Natalie Knights

Natalie Knights

Wed, 21 Jun 2017 10:38

How and why did you first become involved in your sport or activity? What has kept you involved?

I have liked tennis from a young age and had some lessons at a local... Read More »