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Activating Confidence

Activating Confidence is a FREE programme designed to Support people Aged 19+
to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Activating Confidence aims to support people to manage and overcome challenges such as not sleeping, stress, finding it hard to go out, worrying, feeling anxious, sad or low.

Active Mind. Active Body.

Programme Content

Activating Confidence is a research programme designed to make you think about the reasons why you react to, and manage a range of everyday life changing situations. It will be highly interactive, fun, enjoyable and provides you with the skills and tools to lead a more active and positive life.

throughout the programme you will receive one to one support from a Lifestyle Mentor. Mentors will provide ongoing information, advice and guidance to support you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

The programme is split into 3 sessions covering:

Session 1 - Thinking Stage

You will look at how people learn, consider how your behaviour impacts on others, as well as identifying how important communication and body language are to ensure you are able to relate to others.

Session 2 - Getting Stage

During this session, you will look at the impact of effective listening as well as identifying how teamwork, relationships and sharing ideas helps people develop confidence and raises their self-esteem.

Session 3 - Keeping Stage

You will look at the causes of stress and develop key techniques which help manage stressful situations. You will also spend time looking at being positive and looking ahead to what a positive future will look like.

Programme Session Dates:

Find out more

For more information about the programme and how to enroll please contact Active Humber

E: education@activehumber.co.uk
T: 01482 244 344
M: 07860 954 346

Active Humber

Hull Office: Unit 2 Bilton Grange Health Care Annex, Diadem Grove, Hull, HU9 4AL

Grimsby Office: 73 Kent St, Grimsby, DN32 7DH

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