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Active Humber are on a journey to become an Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) which will enable us to base our decisions and actions on sound evidence and reasoning to help us achieve our mission. As part of our journey, we want to work collaboratively with partners to gather our own intelligence, interpret the insight in a common way and share the insight with others across the Humber to enable others to make the best decisions.

Through our current phase of looking into current physical activity behaviours we have identified four priority audiences which we will focus our activity and resources on over the next few years. These groups have been identified as they fit with local strategy on 'starting well' and 'ageing well', but equally these groups currently hold the majority of people who are considered inactive across the Humber.

  1. Older People
  2. Children and Young People

With a particular emphasis in those two audiences on those who are;

  1. Disabled or have a long term illness
  2. Lower socio-economic groups

For more information on our insight, please visit our insight pages.

Older people

Working with partners we aim to;

  • Use physical activity to support those less able, reducing social isolation, enabling independence and improving both physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Empower and upskill the local activity infrastructure to support the needs and challenges of an ageing population. We will create a culture where people think, 'what next?' and activity will become a continuous journey throughout their life.
  • Work with a wider variety of partners and providers to enable older people to sustain existing activity and 'do more' or 'something different', not 'do less' as they age.
  • Nurture a culture of active living for those with sedentary behaviours, to enable people to age well, both physically and emotionally.
  • Grow and enhance the existing workforce and provision to create a diverse range of opportunities that are inclusive, appealing and safe.

Children and Young People

Working with partners we aim to;

  • Raise aspirations and improve the overall wellbeing of vulnerable young people.
  • Grow relationships with non-sporting organisations that support young people, who can motivate and support them into activities.
  • Create a proactive, skilled and capable workforce who can provide positive activity experiences for young people facing additional challenges.


Working with partners we aim to;

  • Collaborate with new and existing partners to create specialist interventions for those with limiting or life-long conditions that prevent them from accessing existing activities.

Lower socioeconomic groups

Working with partners we aim to;

  • Understand more about the challenges facing those from lower socioeconomic groups and the steps required to enable them to make positive lifestyle choices.
  • Attract and nurture innovative products, experiences and environments that will appeal to lower socioeconomic groups.
  • Improve communication between all sectors to enable activity opportunities and to reach people who are inactive in lower socioeconomic groups.
  • Support school provision where appropriate, including initiatives related to the government childhood obesity strategy