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Badminton Level 3

Badminton Level 3 School Games Tournament took place on Thursday 2nd February 2017.

After some well fought battles throughout the day the winners were crowned:

Key Stage 3 Girls

  1. Longcroft (East Riding)
  2. Hymers College (Hull)
  3. St Lawrence Academy
  4. Healing (North East Lincs)

Key Stage 3 Boys

1. Longcroft (NL)
2. The Vale Academy (NL)
3. Sirius Academy north (Hull)
4. Healing (NEL)

Key Stage 4 Girls

  1. Hymers College (Hull)
  2. South Hunsley (East Riding)
  3. Sir John Nelthorpe (NL)
  4. Toll Bar Academy (NEL)

Key Stage 4 Boys

1. Sir John Nelthorpe
2. Beverley Grammar (East Riding)
3. Healing (NEL)
4. Hymers College (Hull)

SJ Nelthorpe School

KS4 Winners Sir John Nelthorpe