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Becoming an insight led organisation

Posted: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 09:39

Becoming an insight led organisation

A key role of Active Humber is to have a real understanding of the people and places that make up the Humber area.

Our aim is to move to be an insight driven organisation, we currently have a wealth of knowledge in our team about the area but we need to improve how we present this and support partners to use it effectively.

To this end Active Humber are working with Press Red who are a consultancy that helps organisations get people active through sport and physical activity.

To start with we worked at a Humber level to build a picture of the area, this is alarming as 28.9% of our population are inactive and this is almost 4% more than the national average. It also highlights the groups that are most inactive as:

  • Older people (55+ year olds)
  • Those with a limiting illness or limiting disability
  • Lower socio-economic groups

Please click here to access the initial insight slide deck with the detailed findings - this was presented at our conference in March. We will constantly be updating these pages as we develop our insight.

It was also clear from this initial work that the Humber as an area is unique, across the country there are no clear fits of nearest neighbours that match up to the type or make up of the area and whilst at a Humber level it gives the 'big picture' we need to delve into local area data to really have an understanding.

By the end of the year Active Humber and Press Red will produce 4 area summaries that we will be working with key partners in Local Authorities, Health and the Voluntary and Community Sector to develop so that they become a valuable tool in a move towards being insight driven.

Finally we want to understand more about our priority groups and we will be looking to work with partners to engage and speak to people in those groups and understand more about them and their lives.

We would welcome hearing from you if you would like to join us to become insight driven and add value to the picture we are creating so we can have a greater impact across the Humber.

Gary Sainty

Deputy CEO

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