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What's new?

Posted: Fri, 08 Jun 2018 09:39

What's new?

David Gent, Active Humber CEO (Pictured)

Active Humber has confirmed its 'Primary Role' as a County Sports Partnership up to 31st March 2021 with Sport England and the role is delivered through four key functions:

  1. A strong granular understanding of the place and people
  2. An ability to broker and facilitate a much wider range of relationships
  3. Where necessary supporting projects and relationships on Sport England's behalf
  4. Supporting Local Authorities by consent

Active Humber also has a new vision that:

The Humber, is a place where everyone, every day is physically active.

Based on the experience of public health campaigns like smoking cessation and the current low levels of physical activity rates across the Humber, that vision will be an immense challenge to achieve and likely to take many years to achieve.

As the journey towards the vision will be a long one, Active Humber has set itself a three-year vision up to April 2021 where we would want to see;

In each of the 4 Local Authority areas of the Humber the participation rates for inactive people and underrepresented groups will have begun to improve year on year.

To turn that vision into reality we aim to:

  • Get more people to become physically active especially those who are currently inactive;
  • Encourage greater inclusivity in physical activity and sport so that everyone can take part;
  • Build and develop partnerships to maximise resources and investment into physical activity and sport in the Humber;
  • Ensure Active Humber is a fit for purpose organisation to deliver its aims and objectives successfully.

We do that through working with a whole range of organisations such as Local and Public Authorities, Health bodies, the Voluntary sector and the Business community.


  • Influence – to make physical activity and sport happen in the Humber
  • Support – our partners in the delivery of their products and services
  • Deliver – our programmes in an effective and efficient way to get more people active
  • Organised - ensure all we do reaches the highest of ethical standards

We will amongst other actions:

Influence - To make physical activity and sport happen in the Humber area by influencing those with resources to best use them in the most effective and efficient way they can.

  • Insight – Create a coordinated approach in each of the 4 Local Authorities on insight and understanding.
  • Relationships & Partnerships - Ensure we have a shared vision and commitment with our key partners in Local Authorities, Health and the VCS to work effectively together to position Active Humber as a well-respected and valued partner in the physical activity and sport sector.
  • Promote - the value and benefits of regular physical activity and sport to improve health and well- being of people across the Humber.

Support - Active Humber supports partners in a range of different ways in the delivery of their services and products to get more people active.

  • Local Authorities – Through our Primary Role, support each of the 4 Humber Local Authorities as effectively as we can.
  • Sport England - Support Sport England as required by Sport England.
  • Workforce – Support partners to have an effective workforce in place to deliver the Primary Role.
  • Refine our support offer – as to what we offer and how we can best work with others to support our partners.

Deliver - Active Humber delivers national programmes in a way that is most cost effective and efficient for growing regular participation in those who are inactive.

  • Deliver Sport England programmes e.g. Satellite Clubs
  • Deliver our own Physical Activity and Sport programmes e.g. MIND
  • Develop innovative and sustainable programmes to get more inactive people, active.

Organised - Ensure Active Humber is a fit for purpose organisation to deliver the Primary Role successfully

  • Be a well governed Charitable Company by maintaining Code of Sports Governance Tier 3 accreditation.
  • Be a well-managed and financial sustainable organisation.
  • Create a positive culture in the behaviours of the Operational Team to align to the Primary Role.
  • Achieve Excellence in what we do through external accreditation.

Through our values of...

  • Integrity – we will be honest, dependable and trustworthy and strive to apply this in our relationships with co-workers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Cooperation – we will work together as a team and with our partners with contagious enthusiasm for the achievement of our shared goals.
  • Excellence – We will be passionate about our work, creative in our execution and continually learning and improving the ways in which we work in pursuit of excellence.

All leading to improvements in the success of the Nation and the Humber.

We want everybody to experience the benefits that taking part in sport and physical activity brings, including:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Individual Development
  • Social and Community Development
  • Economic Development

If you would like to talk to anyone here at Active Humber about what you have read please don't hesitate to get in touch.

David Gent, CEO.

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