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Are Active Humber really 'Insight Led'?

Posted: Tue, 14 Aug 2018 08:00

Are Active Humber really 'Insight Led'?

'Insight-led' is a term widely used in everyday planning and review of organisations and it makes perfect sense to base all decisions on known insight to have the greatest effect, but to what extent are organisations across the Humber truly insight led?

Active Humber are driving to become an Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) understanding the people and communities of the Humber to influence where we focus and how we operate. Our journey started under a year ago and we have been working with Press Red, who are a consultancy that support organisations to understand people and place to support people to get active. Press Red have supported us to access and interpret relevant data available. The insight pages on our website will continually develop as we continually gain a greater understanding of our area. Active Humber do not want to keep this information to ourselves and want to work with any organisation who can add to the picture for physical activity in the Humber and we want to share it with organisations who can use it to influence people and communities to be active and help us realise our ambition for the Humber where 'everyone is physically active everyday'.

Where are we on our journey?

After several months Active Humber are making changes as to how insight is affecting our work, it is too soon to say this is embedded, however below are some examples of what we have done:

  • Press Red consultancy, to provide us with the Humber level picture on physical activity and identify where the greatest challenges lie, this has provided us focus on what we need to tackle (older people, disabled and those with long term health conditions and those in lower-socio economic groups); our work now is now revolving around exactly what our offer is to change behaviour in these audiences.
  • Programme level evaluation, all programmes we deliver have the ability to engage and capture the views of individuals. Active Humber are stepping up our data gathering and ensuring we utilise this opportunity to feed this back into programme design to ensure it is insight led
  • Insight sharing, we have and will continue to discuss the insight with partners to influence strategic thinking. Whilst there is still a great deal of 'the unknown' out there we are able to base strategy on the level of insight we do hold.

Where are we heading?

The Humber picture showed us that the Humber is a unique geography, it is made up of four very different local authority areas and has a mixture of communities from rural, coastal and urban. Whilst a Humber level picture is very useful, a more detailed look at the localities is required, therefore Local Authority level data will be available very soon and we will use this to influence and support partners to deliver to targeted communities.

Active Humber want to work alongside partners to really understand people and place, looking at the capabilities, opportunities and motivations of individuals to become physically active and ultimately change the behaviour to be more active.

Active Humber will share the data with partners when it is available, but keep checking the Insight pages of our website which will be updated as we have information to share www.activehumber.co.uk/insight

The challenge we have in the Humber is a big one, with more than 200,000 (28.9%) adults classed as inactive, which is more than 3% higher than the national average. Active Humber are committed to addressing the issue and would like to hear from you if you can help us understand further the people and place, or want to hear about the data we have in order to help you shape your decisions.

For more information on this topic or anything related please contact Gary Sainty, Deputy CEO, Active Humber gsainty@activehumber.co.uk

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