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Our developing Older People's and Children and Young People's Offers

Posted: Tue, 25 Sep 2018 09:00

Our developing Older People's and Children and Young People's Offers

Active Humber are clear on our vision that the Humber is a place where everyone is active, everyday. To do this Active Humber are focussing our efforts on tackling the biggest inequalities where inactivity is most prevalent. Therefore our focus is around older people as part of the 'age well' agenda and children and young people as part of the 'start well' agenda.

To this end we have worked up what our role and offer is going to be to these target audiences and we will work collaboratively with partners to influence positive behaviour change towards physical activity. Below details why and how we will work with these target audiences.

Children and Young People

A positive experience of physical activity at a young age can contribute to a lifetime of active participation. Active Humber are committed to giving children and young people the best start to life and recognise the crucial role that physical activity and sport plays in the development of fundamental skills and its importance to the health and mental wellbeing of children.

We will do this by working with partners to base decisions and actions on the best insight available to us and work through existing networks and partnerships such as with the schools network to deliver against the needs of the Children and Young People within the Humber.

In addition to our partnership work, Active Humber are contracted by Sport England to deliver a number of programmes, which are:

  • School Games
  • Primary Premium
  • Satellite Clubs
  • Active Lives Children Survey

To find out more about these projects, please see our previous blog post and our web pages which details our role and work for each of these programmes.

Older People

For older people, Active Humber do not have any current contracted programmes to deliver to this age group, however as it is such a significant audience we aim to work with partners to provide a physical activity offer that meets the needs of older people.

Our approach to working with older people is to understand the people within this audience and their capabilities and motivations around physical activity. Therefore we will work with partner organisations that work directly with older people and support them to add physical activity to their work and offer, whilst we also work with these organisations to really understand this target audience.

Our approach to our work will differ in each of the 4 areas of the Humber and our plans will evolve as we understand more about this target audience and how our partnerships develop working in this area.

Both these areas have emerging plans, and we will keep working with and updating partners as we hone in on these areas of work.

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