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The Board

Active Humber is guided by the Humber Sports Partnership board. The HSP board identifies the resources required by the company's core team and agrees high level contractual obligations. It is the role of the board to ensure the organisation is proactively searching for opportunities to build and strengthen its work.

The board will ensure that performance is measured and that contractual obligations are met. All members of the board act in the best interest of Active Humber when actively taking part in decision making for the partnership. Board members have been appointed due to their sector skills and business knowledge.

These include: governance of small to medium sized organisations, legal matters, education, health, business and entrepreneurship, accounting and finance and local government.

The legal framework for Humber Sports Partnership is a Registered Charity number: 1155928 and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Reg. No. 08759196). The objectives of the charity are to promote community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Humberside and the surrounding area, and in particular to provide or assist in providing and to promote:

  • Public facilities, amenities, equipment and services for healthy recreation.
  • Facilities and services for recreational, sporting or other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare for the public at large.
  • The improvement and preservation of good health and wellbeing through participation in healthy recreation.
  • Education, training and coaching courses which promote physical health and fitness.