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Active Withernsea – People Connecting for Action


The Withernsea Local Delivery Pilot (LDP), 'Active Withernsea' is part of a new pioneering pilot programme from Sport England aimed at building healthier and more active communities.

Inactivity is a national issue and radical change is needed to decrease inactivity levels. This is at the heart of Active Withernsea.

Our ultimate goal is to change behaviours to increase physical activity to improve lives. We want people to live longer and healthier lives by living more active lives. This pilot is a unique opportunity to become a beacon for best practice. Withernsea is one of 12 places in the country chosen to be part of this game changing approach and will benefit from a share of around £100 million of National Lottery funding that will be invested in the 12 Local Delivery Pilot areas.

The Withernsea Local Delivery Pilot will initially run until 2021.

For more information about Sport England Local Delivery Pilots please visit: https://www.sportengland.org/our-work/local-delivery/

Vision & Goals

The vision is to inspire a happier, healthier Withernsea by creating a health promoting community, community ownership and co-production, increasing physical activity, changing behaviour to improve lives, building community trust and positivity and raising aspirations.

The ultimate goal is to change behaviours to increase physical activity in order to improve lives. We want people to live longer and healthier lives by living more active lives – physically, mentally and socially. To achieve this, we seek to build health promoting communities. Within three to five years, we want to see a happier, healthier Withernsea where the healthy choice is the easy choice at all stages of the life course. The aim is to develop an Active Withernsea where people taking action to improve their lives e.g. being active, is the 'norm'.

What is the Local Delivery Pilot trying to achieve?

Our pilot has a strong community ethos and commitment to build grassroots links in the community. We want to build community trust and inject positivity; raise aspirations, taking people on the journey to build a healthier and more active community that they can be in charge of and empower people to take ownership.

We plan to recruit a team to lead the work from within the Withernsea community itself, as far as is possible, who will work with the community to drive the LDP. This will include uncovering and supporting community champions; building a sense of community pride and creating a sense of place.

Our approach will be based around the "life course" concept so as to appreciate the significant events that happen to a person over the course of their life, and how key influences such as their personal behaviour (e.g. exercise level), the environment (e.g. access to playing fields), and family (e.g. parenting skills) can all interplay to affect the health decisions they make and ultimately their readiness to change. We will try to ensure that preventive and supportive action is taken early at each stage and transition point in the course of a person's life which will hopefully determine the success of the project.

We will use the life-course approach across multiple domains (individual, family, street, community and environment) to better understand peoples' motivations and attitudes. Using this approach, we hope to demonstrate what we have learned at each stage of the life cycle and therefore enable the methodology for the pilot to be replicable in other areas. Further methodological approaches encapsulating the underlying principles to this work include Theory U (Otto Scharmer, MIT) and Liberating Structures (Henri Lipmanowicz, Keith McCandless).

Our evaluation proposed methods include Sensemaker which will gather the experiences of as broad a sample of the general population as possible to listen to and map experiences of the staff/facilitators as they engage in training / work with communities and with those residents involved in projects on the ground. These are to be mapped over time so as to show change in focus, approach, attitude and achievement both individually and collectively (qualitatively and quantitively) over the life of the project and beyond.

What's happening in the Pilot area at the moment?

An initial strategic core team has been established within the Council to lead the Active Withernsea work. This group now meets weekly to progress governance, finance, staffing and communication actions in agreement with Sport England. Work carried out so far includes:

  • Starting recruitment to the Active Withernsea team. We will advertise for a Project Lead, Community Development Officer and Community Engagement Officer shortly and then advertise for further members of the Active Withernsea team shortly after.

A number of new posts are needed to focus completely on driving forward the operational plan for Active Withernsea. Dedicated support will be given through an overall Programme Lead, Project Officers (covering development, insight and engagement, evaluation) and a Project Assistant.

This will be supplemented with staff that will deliver activity and engage with the community including two Development Workers and two Apprentices. The idea behind these posts is that we attract those living in Withernsea, who will support the project with local skills and knowledge.

Look out on www.activehumber.co.uk for the adverts and more news about Active Withernsea.

  • Engaging the community to gain insights
  • Find, develop and engage with community champions
  • Auditing the community assets
  • Developing and implementing a communications plan
  • Governance arrangements agreed with Sport England including establishment of Community Forum, Project Board and Operational Team.
    • The Community Forum will be responsible for determining vision, direction, need and priorities; gathering and feeding in local intelligence; checking and challenging and advocating solutions.
    • The Project Board will be responsible for strategically governing the project to be clear about the contribution it makes to Withernsea and its people; ratifying vision, direction and approach including resources and LDP outcomes.
    • The Wider Operational Team will be responsible for determining vision, direction, need and priorities; responsible for project implementation and leading on delivering the operational plan to agreed resources.

The Project Boards first meeting will be in early October 2018 with operational team and community forums to be organised for late October. If you would like to be involved in the community forum or wider operational team meetings please let us know.

Register your interest at sportplayarts@eastriding.gov.uk

Community Engagement

We recognise that an active co-production of local solutions based on behaviour change theory needs constant engagement and refinement of innovations with local community members and therefore want the community alongside to have a strong and influential voice in developing and implementing Active Withernsea. However, we have needed to secure the appropriate resources before beginning full engagement. We now have secured commitment for those resources from Sport England and can start to implement our planned approach.

Ultimately, with support, this will develop into co-management/ co- governance through a Communities Forum. They will use existing local partnerships including public, private and voluntary sector to engage with people where they are most comfortable. Initial conversations have taken place with key partners.

Work has also commenced on setting up an evaluation framework to measure the progress of the pilot over the three years. We have also recently gained agreement from Sport England on how the pilot will be evaluated.

How can I get involved?

It's local people who are the most valuable resource in shaping successful change. We want to hear from local people, partners and organisations who want to work collectively to make up the 'system' and who want to improve life in Withernsea.

Register your interest at sportplayarts@eastriding.gov.uk