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Coaches across Britain contribute daily to the success of sport from grass roots participation to the very top of international competition. A great coach like a great teacher inspires, motivates and leads. They have a range of skills and knowledge which is called upon daily to make the experience of coaching special.

At Active Humber we wish to help you on your journey as a coach, whether you are looking to make a career out of coaching, you are a club coach balancing the needs of your club members with the skills you have at hand or you wish to aspire to become a performance coaches.

We have invested in the technology we use over a number of platforms to enable us to provide an effective and user friendly system. Our database and website has been refreshed to provide a greater service to the sports network, providing a much easier route to access our events and courses, also allowing you to provide information about your sport and club which will be visible to the public. We encourage you to register and update your profile regularly allowing us to tailor our services offered to you.

To register please click here.