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Disability Sport

Everybody should have the opportunity to participate in sport, whatever his or her ability. At Active Humber we are dedicated to improving the access to sport and physical activity for all disabled people within the Humber sub-region.

Facilitated through the Equality Standard, Active Humber is working with partners to create an equitable sporting environment for all its members. Access to facilities and services are at the forefront, in addition to the access to quality coaches and a safe environment. In conjunction with this Active Humber appreciate that Sport is also a tool that can unite communities, through the Equality Standard our aim is to help combat prejudice and discrimination that many disabled people experience.

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination against people with the protected characteristics that are specified in section 4 of the Act. Disability is one of the specified protected characteristics. Protection from discrimination for disabled people applies to disabled people in a range of circumstances, covering the provision of goods, facilities and services, the exercise of public functions, premises, work, education, and associations. Only those people who are defined as disabled in accordance with section 6 of the Act, and the associated Schedules and regulations made under that section, will be entitled to the protection that the Act provides. For more information visit this site.

Activity Alliance

The Activity Alliance, formerly known as the English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) is an organization dedicated to Disability Sport. Their aim is to be the united voice of disability sport seeking to promote inclusion and achieve equality of sporting opportunities for disabled people.

Active Humber is working with the Activity Alliance and other key institutions to improve the sporting environment for disabled people so they may access excellent amenities within their own community. For more information visit - www.activityalliance.org.uk

Disability Sport Yorkshire (formerly FDSO)

Disability Sport Yorkshire works with its strategic partners, the English Federation of Disability Sport and Sport England to bring greater opportunities for people with disabilities; more sports, more choices and the chance to have a say in how sport is planned and delivered. In addition to this the FDSO produces an annual calendar of events, activity and sports development days, coaching courses and competitive events for people of all abilities and age groups.

Disability Sport Yorkshire also advises disability groups, clubs and associations on how to get started; setting up, constitutions, applying for funding and promoting its activities; it also gives advice and training to mainstream clubs on how to provide disability friendly services, as well as individuals on where to go to access facilities and clubs in their chosen sport and on how to progress to their chosen level, from just trying out, to elite competition level.

There are over twenty sports being coordinated by the Disability Sport Yorkshire and over sixty events and development days. For more information please go to www.fdso.co.uk

Disability Sport Yorkshire Framework

A number of key regional organisations have been involved with a 'task and finish' exercise to produce a Yorkshire & Humber Disability Sport Framework. This framework is envisaged to illustrate key priority headings and guide Disabled People Organisations and inclusive sport clubs in a coordinated approach to disability sport development in the region.

National Disability Sports Organisations

National Disability Sports Organisations known as NDSO's are funded via the Inclusive Sport Fund (Sport England) and work closely with EFDS to develop and promote impairment specific opportunities.

Contact: Nicola Massingham

Email: nmassingham@activehumber.co.uk

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