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FAQs for Businesses

Why would I chose Quick Volunteering as my CSR offer?

Quick Volunteering is free and it is easy. There are no big time commitments or any need for employees to take time away from the office. It allows you to volunteer your time remotely from the comfort of your own desks at a time that is convenient to you.

What are the benefits for my business?

The opportunity to achieve the accolade of volunteer company of the month or individual volunteer of the month that you could use to positively promote your company.

Quick Volunteering can help motivate your employees and help develop their interpersonal and team participation skills and can enhance your work package. It can provide junior members of staff with valuable experience.

Why should we look to invest our time to support sport?

Britain grassroot sport it reliant on an army of volunteers who give their time for the good of their club and chosen sport. Research has shown that the average volunteer gives on average of 6.7 hours a week. Sports clubs make a huge difference to the people they reach. Volunteer skill sets vary significantly and are restricted to the expertise of their club members and in particular volunteers. The majority of community sports clubs would benefit from expert advice to help them improve many of their functions.

I want my employees to volunteer face-to-face can I do this through Quick Volunteering?

No, Quick Volunteering is a virtual programme and all volunteering is undertaken on-line. If you would like to take part in face-to-face volunteering, please contact Sarah on stague@activehumber.co.uk / 01482 244 344