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FAQs for Clubs

Why access the Quick Volunteering Programme?

The Quick Volunteering Network is made up of skilled volunteers from local businesses. It allows you to electronically access expert advice for free by uploading your challenge.

How do I access the programme?

You can access the network by registering on the Active Humber website and completing an on-line challenge form which will be sent through to the Active Humber team to be uploaded onto the volunteer website.

How does the programme work?

When you complete your challenge form, you will select a specialism from a pre-set list (e.g. marketing if your challenge relates to marketing.) your challenge will then be matched with all volunteers in the database that have selected marketing as their specialism. All live challenges will be displayed on the website.

What is meant by the term challenge?

A Challenge is a small project that can be completed entirely on-line in less than 60 minutes. It must have a clear deliverable so that volunteers can be clear on what is expected of them.

Why does the challenges have a limited amount of time that it can be live for?

Challenges can only be live for a maximum of one month. This is so you can get support in a timely manner. It also ensures that multiple volunteers are not completing the same challenge.

What happens once I have received the support I was looking for?

You can mark your challenge off as complete. You will be asked to complete a small feedback form so that we can continually improve the Quick Volunteering process.

What happens if nobody responds to our challenge?

Your challenge will be automatically forwarded to the Sport Development Team at Active Humber who will do their best to support you.

What if we need physical volunteers to come and help at the club?

Quick Volunteering is a virtual network and all projects must be completed on-line. This is to reduce the time barrier that often prevents people from being able to volunteer. If you do have some volunteering opportunities that you are looking to fill, there is a Volunteering Opportunities section on the website where you can upload these. (Link)

Our challenge is quite complex and will require longer than hour, what should we do?

If you have a complex challenge and would benefit from 1:1 support, please contact Sarah on 01482 244 344

We need support, but we are not really sure what support we require?

Quick Volunteering Challenges need a clear deliverable so you need to be sure on what you are asking of the volunteers. Please call Sarah on: 01482 244 344 for support on your club development needs