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FAQs for Volunteers

Why access the Quick Volunteering platform?

Quick Volunteering has been designed to fit round busy lifestyles as all volunteering is completed remotely and can be done from the comfort of your own home, on your daily commute or from your desk at a time that is convenient to you.

Who is the Quick Volunteering Programme looking for?

We are looking for volunteers who want to use their expertise to help community sports clubs across the Humber.

Some of the areas that clubs often require support in are;

  • Governance
  • Accounts
  • Marketing
  • PR and social media
  • Website content and basic design
  • Business Planning
  • Proof reading
  • Feedback on marketing materials and websites
  • Bid writing

Who is organising the Quick Volunteering website?

Active Humber are the organiser

What will I get out of it?

Quick Volunteering will allow you to use your professional skills and knowledge to benefit other by giving back to the community and making a difference. It will allow you to gain confidence by developing new skills and building on existing skills. It can look great on your CV too.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Britain's grassroot sport it reliant on an army of volunteers who give their time for the good of their club and chosen sport. Research has shown that the average community club volunteer donates an average of 6.7 hours a week, which equates to 348 hours a year. Clubs typically have 24 volunteers

For the individuals, sports clubs offer the opportunity to take part in sport in an affordable way, and reap the well-known benefit of being physically active. Sport is fun, it allows you to meet new people and make new friends. It allows people to belong to something positive and enjoy camaraderie with their team mates. For young people, physical activity and sport is essential to their health, well-being and all round learning. It provides the opportunity to learn important life skills such as team work, responsibility and dedication and how to lose graciously.

How do I access the Quick Volunteering programme?

The Quick Volunteering programme can be accessed electronically via the Active Humber website (LINK). Individual volunteers can sign up by completing an on-line profile. Volunteers will select their specialism from a pre-set list so that they can be matched with challenges that require the same specialisms.

What is the volunteer eligibility criteria?

All volunteers must be aged 18 or over.

Do I have to make a certain time commitment?

Quick Volunteering is a low commitment programme, you can volunteer your time when it is convenient for you and can give as little or as much of your time as you wish.

How do I receive challenges?

Every time you log onto the system you will be matched with all challenges that require your specialism. The number of challenges you complete and the time you spend will be entirely up to you. You will receive a bi-weekly newsletter (you can opt out of) which will keep you informed of opportunities and new challenges.

What happens after I complete a challenge?

Once you have completed your challenge you will mark it off as complete and log the amount of time you took to do it. Your profile we automatically generate a running total of the time you have given and the number of Challenges that you have complete.