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Why was Withernsea's bid selected to be part of the Sport England Local Delivery Pilot?

  • Right People:People want the town to change for the better. Becoming more active, physically, socially and mentally will support the community to bring the heart and pride back to the town
  • Right Time: There is a willing partnership in place with capacity, passion and insight – aligning local government, NHS and local business priorities and objectives with those of Sport England
  • Right Thinking: We have a vision for an active, healthy Withernsea. Partnerships have already been working together using whole-system thinking to challenge services to work together better. This is a real opportunity to show different pathways and solutions. There is already a group of people working together to find solutions with the community. There is a willingness to try, and try again until the right solutions for Withernsea are found. We want to understand more about this place and find answers to the many questions we have.
  • Right Skills: We have people with skills in understanding community and individual needs using innovative methods to gain real understanding of barriers to active lifestyles. We have a track record of successful development and delivery of public health innovations and improvements.
  • Right Leadership: We have a track record of delivering successful partnerships and projects to bring about real change

Who is involved in Active Withernsea?

Active Withernsea will be led by the community, through a Community Forum with support from an operational Team and a Board. The Operational Team will work with community stakeholders to listen to the needs and barriers in the community and work together to co-produce practical solutions, alongside governance from the Board.

What is the ultimate aim and vision of the Local Delivery Pilot?

The vision is to inspire a happier, healthier Withernsea by creating a health promoting community, community ownership and co-production, increasing physical and social activity, changing behaviour to improve lives, building community trust and positivity and raising aspirations.

The ultimate goal is to change behaviours to increase physical and social activity in order to improve lives. We want people to live longer and healthier lives by living more active lives. Within three to five years, we want to see a happier, healthier Withernsea where the healthy choice is the easy choice at all stages of life. The aim is to develop an Active Withernsea where people are taking action to improve their lives and where being active, is the 'norm'.

What will the Delivery Pilot do?

We can't say yet exactly what we will do as we haven't finished assessing needs and talking with the local community and partners but whatever we do will need to make sense to Withernsea and likely to uncover learning and/or be sustainable.

How will the Delivery Pilot work?

  • Uncovering and supporting community champions
  • Developing an 'Active' Withernsea, where being active is the 'norm'
  • Building community trust and positivity
  • Building a sense of community pride and improving moral
  • Creating a greater sense of place
  • Creating a healthy workforce to sustain Active Withernsea
  • Supporting and engaging everyone in the community
  • Raising aspirations and taking people on the journey to build a healthier community that they can be in charge of
  • Reducing reliance on medical and government services

How will you measure the results of this pilot?

This will be through a combination of methods, the most important of which is the gathering of experiences from the people of Withernsea. We really want to understand how people feel, what they do to feel good, or cope with things that aren't so good.

We want to understand how the people organising this project from different organisations feel as they go through the process of asking, listening and supporting the "doing" at a community level.

We will collect experiences from the workers supporting this at the ground level and learn about how they feel, and how things change through this project over time.

The number of GP appointments and people unexpectedly being admitted to hospital and other direct health information will also be tracked throughout the project to make sure we capture any impact here as well.

All of this information will be backed up by independent observations, to make sure we are giving an accurate picture of any changes over time.

All these different elements will be made completely open and available to the people of Withernsea as we progress, and they will be directly involved in shaping how these experiences are made sense of, and how the learning is made into concrete action.

How much money have you got?

We're not sure! The project will be based on need and the funding we require will be identified for various projects and initiatives driven by the community. We will work closely with Sport England to agree funding throughout the stages of the project.

Sport England's total budget for the 12 pilots is £100million but this doesn't mean it is going to be £10 million a place. Depending on the size and the level of challenge, Sport England may well invest different amounts in different pilots. Investment will be needs led and based on a joint understanding of the current needs and future aspirations.

How will you allocate the budget?

To increase activity in Withernsea we need to have a sustainable approach to whole system change. The first phase will include the recruitment of the Operational Team and the start of a conversation with the community. We want to engage the people who really know what's going on in Withernsea, listen to what the good things are about Withernsea and what the barriers are. Only once this is understood and agreed, can we identify how we would allocate any resources.

How will you engage partners?

We will engage partners from across all sectors, as we go on this journey, including local partners such as Withernsea Town Council, The Shores, Big Local, voluntary clubs and groups, and East Riding of Yorkshire Council partners, such as leisure, transport, regeneration etc. But more critically - those partners we haven't met yet and don't know about!

How will you engage local people?

We will engage with local residents and members of the community as widely as possible and plan to get out in the local area around the streets, bus stops, cafés etc to talk to the people of Withernsea.

The next stage of building momentum will be through the recruitment of local facilitators within Withernsea and harnessing their passion and energy to lead and support each other towards encouraging more active lives.

Will you be recruiting people to work on the project?

Yes! An Operational Team will be recruited for the period of the project.

A number of new posts are needed to focus completely on driving forward the operational plan for Active Withernsea. Dedicated support will be given through an overall Programme Lead, Project Officers (covering development, insight and engagement, evaluation) and a Project Assistant.

This needs supplementing with staff that will 'deliver and engage' the community including two Development Workers and two Apprentices. The idea behind these posts is that we attract those living in Withernsea,who will support the project with local skills and knowledge.

Look out on www.activehumber.co.ukfor the adverts and more news about Active Withernsea!

Why can't we see anything happening on the ground?

We have been busy working behind the scenes and putting the systems in place to make sure we are clear on what we are trying to achieve.

We have the go ahead from Sport England to create a team of people to lead the project and we're at the point of advertising these posts. Once the team is in place, things will move very quickly and work will begin in terms of really engaging the community and finding out what is needed and what the gaps are.

How can I get involved?

It's local people who are the most valuable resource in shaping successful change. We want to hear from local people, partners and organisations who want to work collectively to make up the 'system' and who want to improve life in Withernsea.

Register your interest at sportplayarts@eastriding.gov.uk