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How will we achieve our mission?

We will put customers at the heart of everything we do, ensuring we are insight-led and therefore responding to the specific needs of local people. As part of this, we aim to continually develop our understanding of people and place and share our insight with others to enable their decision making. Active Humber will be clear on our mission and the work we will do to achieve this and we will work with and support other organisations that have a role to play in getting the inactive, active.

How to get involved

Anyone can get in touch for advice and guidance, but we're especially keen to talk to local organisations and providers who can assist in our mission.

We will work with the following in various ways;

1) As a delivery partner - Active Humber will work collaboratively with delivery partners to provide a suitable offer to our customers and have the greatest impact. Active Humber are part of the 'whole system' along with others and we each have a role to play.

2) As a helpful friend / independent advisor - Active Humber has an experienced and skilled workforce and will be able to offer a level of check and challenge to decision making in order to get the best results or are able to provide advice and signposting to enable you to overcome particular challenges.

3) You as a trusted expert - We will work with organisations and people who are specialised in what they do to ensure we can offer the best advice and support based on expert knowledge and experience. Active Humber cannot be the experts in all areas, however we can learn and develop our understanding from the best that is available and facilitate conversations and share the knowledge around.

Non- Traditional Partners

Whilst we will continue to work with key sporting organisations to achieve their potential, to achieve our strategy, we will also be collaborating with organisations outside of the traditional sport and leisure industry that can assist us in achieving our ambitions. We will;

  • We work with non-sporting organisations to help them incorporate or promote active lives in their provision; and
  • We work with our existing sporting networks to help them sustain and improve provision