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This section of the website focuses on the research and tools available to provide us with a deeper understanding of sports participation. For sports organisations and clubs, evidence, insight and understanding are imperative to ensure that sporting resources and strategies can be planned and targeted more effectively.

Active People Interactive Tool

This tool enables you to analyse active people survey data. You can analyse data by demographic groups, geography, and time periods.

Active Lives

Active Lives replaced the Active People Survey in October 2016. It measures the number of people aged 16+ who take part in sport and physical activity in England

Local Sport Profile

The local sport profile provides councils with a profile of up-to-date data for their local area, covering sports participation, facilities, health, economic and demographics, all in one place.

Mini Sports Profiles

The mini sport profiles presents local area information over two pages. It provides details on the health of your community, activity levels and the economic value of sport.

Economic Value of Sport

Demonstrating how sport can benefit local economy, the economic value of sport – local model produces area based estimates on sports' contribution to the local economy in the form of business output (GVA), jobs and wider benefits like health.

Market Segmentation Data

A web-based tool designed to help you better understand local markets and how best to reach them. The tool splits the adult population into 19 segments based on age, gender, socio-demographic information overlaid over sporting activity and preference.

Women in Sport

Is the UK's leading women's sport charity dedicated to empowering women and girls through sport. They provide research insight in a number of key areas.

Go Where Women Are

Is Sport Englands insight pack. It explores understanding of women, their relevant motivations, barriers and triggers to getting more active, and what this means for sports and exercise activities and initiatives.