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Gymnastics Centre Manager

An exciting and challenging opportunity has arisen as Centre Manager at Easton Gymnastics Club. The role involves managing staff, overseeing administration, and managing the building facilities. The candidate needs to meet the following criteria: Experience of staff management Working knowledge of H&S legislation Management of a public facility. In addition it would be of benefit to have experience of Sports Club management and Gymnastics Hours and rate to be negotiated. For further information and an informal chat please contact management@thegym4u.co.uk

Contact Name
Bradley Thompson
Contact Telephone
01603 960511
Contact Email
Easton Gymnastics Club

About Gymnastics Centre Manager

Roles and responsibilities

Managing Admin Staff:
Performance and Development Reviews
Daily Meetings and Targets to be documented
Discipline to be the responsibility of Committee and or Trustees

ICT and Data Compliance:
Ensure compliance of Data Protection legislation and the GDPR regulations
Ensure back up of data to include offsite back up and off site copy of access credentials
Setting of Capital refresh budget of ICT Hardware and Software in conjunction with the Committee and Trustees as required
Work with the Committee and Trustees to formand maintain Disaster Recovery plans
Spend to be authorised by the Committee and Trustees only
Ensure all staff who have any contact with any Data, Electronic or Printed conduct the BG online GDPR training

H&S Equipment and Facilities:
Checks as per Club Policy, Legal requirements and or BG Policy
Setting of Capital budget for equipment with Dir. of Coaching, Committee and or Trustees
Spend to be authorised by Committee and Trustees only
Setting of Revenue (maintenance, utilities etc) budget
Repair and Maintenance of building fabric and Gym equipment in conjunction with Dir. Coaching
To include Air Con, CCTV etc.
Ensure maintenance activities are risk assesed and are in accordance with legal requirements
Supervision of Cleaner and or any other contract staff

Ensure Budgets are managed with the Committee and Trustees
Manage Utility Bills etc
Oversee PAYE

Document and review with the Committee and Trustees all processes relating to this role

Publish regular communications in line with Club Policy Club Policy and or Strategy as agrees with the Committee, trustees and Publicity Officer

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