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Landmark report reveals children’s activity levels for the first time

Posted: Thu, 06 Dec 2018 12:41

Landmark report reveals children’s activity levels for the first time

New research published by Sport England today, carried out independently by Ipsos MORI, reveals the scale of the challenge to help the nation's children be more active, and the benefits that sport and physical activity can bring.

Active Lives Children and Young People is the largest ever survey of its kind, and provides comprehensive insight into how children in England are taking part in sport and physical activity both in and out of school. It shows that around 3 million children (43.3%) lead active lives, doing an average of 60 or more minutes of physical activity a day. However just over 2.3 million children and young people (32.9%) are less active which means they do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

The report is based on responses from over 130,000 children aged 5-16 in England during the academic year 2017 to 2018. It also reveals that there are significant inequalities based on family income.

It shows that children from the most affluent families are more active than those in the least affluent families.

For the Humber the overall picture is that when combining all the age groups surveyed our children and young people have very similar activity levels to the national average.

  • 17.2% complete at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day (meeting the Chief Medical Officers Guidelines), compared to 17.5% nationally
  • Hull and North-East Lincs stats for this 'Active Every Day' category are above average, 18.8% and 17.8% respectively
  • 24.6% in the Humber are classed as 'fairly active' versus 23.9% nationally

The survey also looks at levels of swimming confidence and capability, levels of volunteering for this age group and also, types of activity, and in 2019 will also release information on young people's attitudes towards sport and physical activity.

David Gent, Chief Executive of Active Humber said, 'This new information will be vital to Active Humber and our partners as we seek to find the best approaches to reducing inactivity in our population of children and young people. Figures across the 4 local authority areas vary and while as a region they average out to be very aligned closely with national trends, as a team we will be interrogating the numbers at a local level to add the insight data we already hold, so we can keep on learning where the greatest areas of need lie, and hopefully enhance the fantastic work being done by colleagues all across the region to reduce inactivity levels.'

To read the full Sport England Press Release please click here

Active Humber contribute to reducing inactivity in children and young people in a number of ways across the region, and helped facilitate the new survey in schools in 2017/2018.

We are committed to giving children and young people the best start to life and recognise the crucial role that physical activity and sport plays in the development of fundamental skills and its importance to the health and mental wellbeing of children.

We do this by working with partners to base decisions and actions on the best insight available to us and work through existing networks and partnerships such as with the schools network to deliver against the needs of children and young people within the Humber.

In addition to our partnership work, we deliver a number of programmes, which are:

  • School Games - Running the Level 3 School Games County Finals involving thousands of children each year.
  • Primary Premium - Supporting schools and teachers to make best use of the Government Primary Premium PE funding to enhance the PE offer and how that can be used to improve broader school attainment
  • Satellite Clubs - supporting applications for sports clubs aimed at the less active which are proven to increase activity levels for young people
  • Go Run for Fun and Brownlee Triathlon - securing and facilitating two major sports events for the Humber with the emphasis on participation and trying something new, involving upwards of 2000 children each year
Landmark report reveals children’s activity levels for the first time

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