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North East Lincolnshire

Area Breakdown

The make up of North East Lincolnshire is as follows:

  • Population - 159,570
  • Female - 51.0%
  • Male - 49.0%
  • 55-74 years of age - 21.7%
  • NS SEC 6-8 - 43.2%
  • Disability/Limiting illness - 19.5%

Active Humber have created a data pack outlining the picture of current behaviours towards physical activity for each of the areas across the Humber. The data in these packs is largely generated from Sport England's Active Lives Survey, we are continually working to understand each area and the communities within them and will be adding to this picture as we work with these communities.

The North-East Lincolnshire Data Observatory is an online resource that provides easy access to the population, economic, community safety, health and education data for local authorities, partner agencies and communities across North-East Lincolnshire.

North-East Lincolnshire Public Health aim is to protect and improve the health and well-being of the population of North-East Lincolnshire and to reduce health inequalities