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Raising Aspirations Mentoring Programme (RAMP)

The Raising Aspirations Mentoring Programme (RAMP) is designed to engage with young people through the power of sport and physical activity. RAMP is a community scheme which uses locally trained mentors to support and guide mentees onto further training, education, employment or enterprise.

RAMP aims to improve the lives of young people through new opportunities linked to sport and diversionary activity based mentoring programmes and models. We support young people to develop skills and knowledge they already have in order to build the confidence needed to reach their full potential.


We offer mentees traineeships which are education training programmes with work experience to unlock the potential of young people and prepare them for their future careers by helping them to become ready for work.

English and Maths qualifications stand at the core of traineeships, with work preparation training and a high quality work experience placement also included. Traineeships give 16 to 24 year olds the skills and experience that employers look for, helping mentees secure apprenticeships or jobs.


Apprenticeships give mentees a salary which is often more than national minimum apprenticeship wage. Apprentices work at least 30 hours per week and can take between one and five years to complete, depending on the level of apprenticeship and industry sector.

Most of the training is delivered in the workplace, so apprentices learn job skills practically. Theoretical training is given by a training organisation, at the workplace, off-site or through e-learning.

The training is specifically tailored to the apprentice to ensure they develop the skills the employer wants. Due to this employer/employee specific training apprentices have better long term salary prospects and excellent progression opportunities for further study or within the workplace.

Apprenticeships provide young people the chance to get into employment and study with some of the best companies in the UK. Young people can gain the necessary skills and knowledge they need to succeed whilst working and earning.

Contact: Elliot Hakner

Email: ehakner@activehumber.co.uk

Tel: 01482 244344

Mobile: 07860 954346

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