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Reckitt Benckiser Netball Club

Ten years ago, back in 2007 Reckitt Benckiser wanted to set up a junior section of the club. We then currently had 18 senior players across 2 teams.

From our starting point, we had no qualified coaches and only a handful of volunteers. We knew that getting the right volunteer into the right roles would be a challenge and on top of this we needed a new venue as our current ones had a main road dividing the courts from the toilet / changing facilities.

Initially we held a meeting with the senior teams and talked through our vision and asked if anyone could help get a junior section started. We were able to identify roles for the volunteers to take on and share them so they didn't have to give up a great deal of their time (ie Chair, Treasurer, Secretary). We spoke to a few members who we identified as coaches and managed to get some funding to pay for them to do their qualifications.

For the first year the club "bought in" a couple of qualified coaches. We had an experienced player, Pauline Hardy who was already a qualified assistant coach. Pauline decided to take her UKCC Level 2 course in 2008 and became our first UKCC Level 2 qualified coach at the club – we now have 6 UKCC Level 2s and 6 UKCC Level 1s as well as other volunteer coaches supporting the sessions. The development of our coaches has been gradual over the past 10 years and we are developing coaches all the time to keep up with our clubs growth.

At the start of setting up the juniors, we registered for the Sport England / England Netball CAPs process and role descriptions, codes of conducts and a constitution were put together as well as development plans for officiating, player pathway and coaches.

We recently altered our club registration form to include the question "Do you have a skill we could use and you would be willing to help at club – ie. Photography, accountancy, cake making, teaching, administration" and this has helped us to develop our volunteering workforce. The volunteers support at our club tournaments, presentation evening and club training nights. This has taken a lot of pressure off the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and we now have a "Netball family" who are willing to help us whenever they can.

What does your club look like now?

The club currently have 8 senior teams who play in the Humberside County League from division 10 all the way up to division 1 and teams in Humberside Junior league for High 5, Year 7, Under 14 and Under 16.

We run a Back to Netball Session for women returning to the game and for those who do not want (or are not ready) for the commitment and competition that being part of a team brings. 40% of our membership have now come from our Back to Netball Session.

Our club is run by an army of volunteers. We have volunteer role descriptions in place for committee members, team captains, umpires and we run club competitions and invite all other junior clubs and our volunteers help with all sorts of roles, team managers, coaches, umpiring, making teas and coffees, photography, fundraising - selling raffle tickets, tombola, 100 squares and we know we can rely on our volunteers to make things happy for our club. We are always looking out for new volunteers, people who might want to get involved in becoming a captain, coaching, umpiring, assisting with the juniors and we recognise them at our annual awards/ presentation evening.

Last year our club was recognised and awarded "England Netball Club of the Year" and this year it's our 10th anniversary of the club starting up the junior section and we are looking forward to a great event.

We have 10 young volunteers on England Netball Pass on Your Passion volunteering programme 2 of them have completed over 400 hours of volunteering.

Since 2009 we found a new 'home' just around the corner from our old venue at St Marys Sports Academy and we have a great school/club link with them.

We now offer regular sessions of "Walking Netball" for those unable to run as well as the "back to netball" and offer fun, social sessions for those children who don't want to take part in the local league or play in competitive netball.

We are a club open to all – all ages, all abilities, and have something for everyone – whether you want to play in a competitive team or just turn up and have fun playing with your friends, everyone is made to feel welcome.

Pauline Hardy