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The Daily Mile Humber

What is the Daily Mile?

A simple, free health & wellbeing initiative that gets kids running, jogging or walking in a 15-minute turnaround, from leaving the class room until returning.


Teachers choose the time.


Nursery school age upwards.


It's simple: No need to change your kit or school shoes, no warm-up or set-up required - just pencils down and out you go!


Wherever you can find enough space to run around safely, e.g. around a school field or playground.


Healthier children do better at school and conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes can be prevented in childhood. Schools are now being asked to provide 30 mins of physical activity every day to tackle childhood obesity, which The Daily Mile can contribute towards.

Won't it tire them out?

Quite the opposite! There is a proven link between daily physical activity and increased attainment. We've found that children come back in rosy-cheeked and ready to focus.

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