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This Girl Can Climb

Get the adrenaline buzz of reaching the top... Keep fit without feeling like you're doing exercise... Socialise and build strong friendships. Tempted to give climbing a go? What's stopping you? Let's bust those myths girl!

Anyone can climb

Yes, climbing can be enjoyed by anyone. You don't have to be really strong - it is technique that matters not brute strength and the more you climb the more you'll improve both your strength and technique.

Even if you're scared of heights

A healthy fear of heights is natural and you may well surprise yourself. You'll get an amazing sense of achievement from overcoming your fears and we fear you may get hooked!

You'll meet loads of people to climb with

Climbing walls are very sociable places. Book yourself onto a course, you'll meet plenty of people that way. Or try out a ladies night to make friends and find climbing partners.

Worried you'll be naff and everyone will be watching you?

Don't worry, the guys and girls climbing next to you will no doubt be too busy focusing on their next move, wondering what to have for tea or pondering their next Facebook post.

Visit Rock City in Hull to take part in their This Girl Can Climb sessions

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