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Volunteers are crucial to the development of sport across the Humber.

Put quite simply, without volunteers, community sport wouldn't happen.

If it wasn't for the incredible numbers of people who use their time to enable others to do sport - be it in a formal or an informal setting - community sport would grind to a halt.

Whether these people organise a group of friends to go running once a week, coach a 5-a-side football team, run a squash club or even serve the teas at their local cricket club – they are making sport happen.

Volunteers in sport come in all shapes and sizes. They are of all ages and backgrounds. They have different skills and experiences and are certainly not all sport enthusiasts!

They also give their time to sport for different reasons – some are parents with children in a sport club, some are people who don't want to go running, walking, swimming etc. by themselves, others are sport enthusiasts who don't want to play but want to be part of their local club. They might also be plumbers, electricians, accountants, web designers etc. who give their time for free - there are many different reasons but the main thing is that they all want to get involved and help make sport happen.

Contact: Sarah Tague

Email: stague@activehumber.co.uk

Tel: 01482 244344

Mobile: 07860 954344